Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve gathered up some questions and answers you may have. Please peruse them below and if you find that we didn’t answer your question or concern, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the bottom of this page.

User Questions

In short, we’re your source for all deals. Our goal is to try and gather every deal out there regardless of its original form. We’re here to assist your memory so in the end you don’t lose out on a deal… you’re welcome. ūüôā

100% FREE to the end user. We’re here to help you save, NOT spend more.

You can use QikTip several ways…

While our main purpose is to bring you as many deals possible in what we call QIKPONS, these can be used at their respective businesses. We also provide a wealth of information for each listing including addresses, phone numbers, store hours, descriptions, maps with directions and photographs. We also provide a way the public and patrons can help make this website be more informative by  allowing them to post reviews (with uploadable photos) to help the uninformed.

Yes, this in part is our main objective in creating this website and service. We asked ourselves “who wants to wants to rifle through a bunch of “junk mail” or dirty your hands with newsprint ink?” We didn’t and were most likely sure the most of you don’t either. So we managed to compile these for you and we’re constantly adding more daily.

We’re sorry. But this could be for several reasons. Either they haven’t contacted us to add them to our directory or we haven’t had an opportunity to add them ourselves. You can simply complete a Request Business form and we’ll contact them letting them know they have interested patrons or you could reach out to them yourself the next time you’re visiting their establishment and ask them to contact us.

We understand that sometimes there is a need to help your local community and we’re here to do what we can to do our part in achieving this. That’s why were willing to give 50% profits from all new listings for a 30 day period to a local charity, event or purpose that will have a positive impact to our community as a whole. Unfortunately, we are only able to offer this support to only one event, charity or purpose at any particular time. So this is based on a first come, first served basis. Simply reach out to us by completing our QikHelp form.

That’s shouldn’t come as a surprise. We’re brand new but we’ve existed in our creators mind from some time getting perfected before we could put it out there for the rest to benefit from. In the near future we plan on doing some advertising and marketing to get to the masses.

Well…no. We prefer the term,¬†“not-only-for-profit.” Legally, we are not a tax-exempt 501(c) non-profit organization but we do filter the majority of our resources back into the QikTip brand in order to promote local businesses and accomplish our mission. We are a small, grassroots operation with no affilliation to any outside investors or parent companies.

This doesn’t happen much, but occasionally you might run across an employee who has not yet learned of QikTip. If that’s the case, don’t panic. Just ask to speak with a manager who is familiar with QikTip and they should be able straighten things out. If that doesn’t work, feel free to¬†contact us directly and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

Absolutely… simply ask your question using the form below and we’ll add it to the FAQs above promptly or, worst-case-scenario, fashionably late.

Advertising Questions

Simple. Check out our Add your Listing page to learn more.

We have 3 packages to choose from.¬† 1. Let’em Whisper, 2. Hav’em Talking and 3. Get’em Shouting. Our Let’em Whisper is FREE but is very basic and is intended to simply get your business on here with your basic information. Our Hav’em Talking package has everything our Let’em Whisper has but is capable of adding promotions “QikPons”. Lastly, our Get’em Shouting package has everything with the added options of adding Photos and Videos to better entice your audience.

For consistency purposes we create all promotions “QikTips”. The price is the same across the board.., A brand new QikTip is $49 and is all-inclusive with images provided by you along with the text/information you would like to convey. We will create a proof for you to review and you will have up to 2 weeks and two (2) revisions prior to it going live. Once the QikTip has gone live the text/information can be updated at anytime for $24. This does not include changing any image or the layout of the ad, strictly text.

We will create your “QikTip” using your script or audio/video tape provided by you.

We will send you a link to upload your logo/artwork file.

If a photograph is needed you could either take a photograph yourself or  we will arrange a date and time to come out and take few images.

Absolutely… simply ask your question using the form below and we’ll add it to the FAQs above promptly or, worst-case-scenario, fashionably late.

Ask away...